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Version: 2.10.2 NULLED

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CRM For WHMCS is a revelatory module created for complex customer relationship management including the leads, potentials and any other contact type you wish to create as well as the follow-ups. With its help, all contact details of prospective clients will be organized in a transparent list directly in your system. Along with that, you will be able to add new contacts, convert their status at any time or even create accounts for them without the need to leave the addon page. Of no less substance is the fact that you will be given the possibility to set up your own labels and assign to them clients on the Kanban board through the convenient drag & drop functionality. What is more, you may gather contacts' details by generating and locating customized web forms on your external web sites to obtain data as easily and quickly as possible.

Furthermore, the module includes a wide spectrum of advanced features to facilitate your business management. You will be allowed to define permissions for each administrator role, send automated emails, issue announcements, add notes, create campaigns, generate quotes as well as view logs and other details of your tasks. Another component worth mentioning is the capability to manage automation groups and construct rules in order to automatically create follow-ups, send notifications, and add reminders. There is even an option to add custom fields for your contacts in order to gather every required information in one place as well as possibility to access complete conversation history directly from the contact view. All the data can be imported/exported so you will be enabled to migrate them between WHMCS systems or simply make a backup whenever you need to. No less convenient is the ability to turn on the standalone mode which renders the addon page outside WHMCS or toggle full screen for particular widgets.

In addition, you will be able to overview and analyze assembled information thanks to the graphic presentation on the dashboard. Alongside the statistical graphs and tables, there will be a calendar showing the schedule of foreseen follow-ups. Should you prefer to handle the follow-ups using WHMCS or Google calendar, it will be also possible thanks to the built-in integration.

What makes the module even more unique is the possibility to combine it with our other products. You can expand its efficiency with the help of Asterisk VoIP Center For WHMCS which will let you originate calls between any destination number directly in the addon. Your administrators will be able to receive SMS reminders upon integration with SMS Center For WHMCS. Finally, Quotes Automation For WHMCS will increase quotes functionalities.

Discover the new definition of customer relationship management with CRM For WHMCS. Order the module today and unlock endless possibilities to enhance your business connections!

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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
03 Feb 2024 - Version 2.10.2 NULLED
  • WHMCS V8.9 support
  • Solved problem where the cron path and URL fields were blank after accessing the "System Overview" section in the module's general settings - case #942
  • Eliminated specific notices and warnings for cron job error reporting - case #979
  • Resolved the "Status: fread() expects parameter 2 to be int, float given" error, which could occur during email import operation - case #981
  • Corrected problem related to linking a Google account in client security settings when the module was active - case #978
  • Solved the "Call to undefined function Slim/Http/get_magic_quotes_gpc()" error that could occur when using PHP 8.1 - case #987
  • Fixed the "Undefined property: stdClass::$cc" error that occurred when running the cron job for importing email messages - case #984
  • Other minor code corrections
18 Sep 2023 - Version 2.10.1 NULLED
  • WHMCS V8.8 support
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
  • Eliminated error 500 that might occasionally occur upon placing an order - case #973
  • Fixed "TypeError" that might have appeared when performing the "On Invoice Created" automation task - case #974
  • Solved issue with mapping custom fields of "checkbox" and "dropdown" types to the contact details
  • Corrected redirection issue when trying to set up Google Calendar synchronization
  • Other minor code corrections
25 Aug 2023 - Version 2.10.0 NULLED
  • WHMCS V8.8 support
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
  • Eliminated error 500 that might occasionally occur upon placing an order - case #973
  • Fixed "TypeError" that might have appeared when performing the "On Invoice Created" automation task - case #974
  • Solved issue with mapping custom fields of "checkbox" and "dropdown" types to the contact details
  • Corrected redirection issue when trying to set up Google Calendar synchronization
  • Other minor code corrections
31 May 2023 - Version 2.9.1 NULLED

  • WHMCS V8.7 support
  • Support for WHMCS V8.3 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.3 version
  • Eliminated "Argument #1 ($stream) must be of type resource (...)" error that might have occurred when trying to activate the addon module on PHP 8.1 - case#927
  • Corrected composer bug that might have caused email tickets not to work when the module is active - case #928
  • Resolved problem with adding new fields to empty groups - case #934
  • Minor code corrections
23 Dec 2022 - Version 2.9.0 NULLED


Released: Dec 21st, 2022
  • WHMCS V8.6 support
  • Support for PHP 8.1 version
  • A new "Date time" picker type has been added to the custom fields list - case #728
  • Follow-up status - assign "Pending", "Confirmed", "Closed" or any other custom-name status with defined color to follow-ups - case #777
  • Make additional modifications in the email subject and content when the email template, that is about to be sent, is loaded - case #790
  • Tag your staff using the "@" sign in the notes content to notify them if they have been mentioned - case #804
  • Add CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients to an email message - case #882, #910
  • A new "Require Email" option that will prevent your staff from creating contacts without email addresses - case #903
  • Added "If Change Admin" and "Send Email To Assigned Admin" conditions to compose notifications delivered when an admin has been reassigned to other contact - case #625
  • Use web forms to create follow-ups with customized time and date - case #736
  • Inactive administrators will no longer be available to be assigned to a lead nor on the dashboard list - case #785
  • Added validations to prevent creating duplicated mailboxes and imported contacts
  • It will be now possible to use phone numbers separated with dot signs only
  • You can now provide multiple URL addresses in the created web form to use it in multiple places - case #828
  • Requires ionCube Loader V12 or later
  • Support for WHMCS V8.2 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.2 version
  • Entering new lines in the "Text Area" field type will now work properly on any browser - case #830
  • Eliminated the "Column already exists" SQL error that might have occurred when trying to reactivate the previously deactivated addon module
  • Code corrections to prevent certain compatibility problems with other provisioning modules - case #856
  • Fixed a rare problem that might have caused the "503 - Service Unavailable" error when trying to access the client profile - case #883
  • Solved issue when the last name was not automatically filled in while creating a contact from the client profile
  • Resolved problem with displaying the client custom field when there was a special character used in the filed name - case #863
  • If a problem is encountered when sending an email message, the success notice will no longer be displayed - case #879
  • Fixed problem with updating the mapped "select" field type in the contact details when synchronizing changes made in both ways - case #880
  • Added missing "Country" field as "select" type to the required web form fields - case #916
  • Fixed issue with mapping certain client custom fields - case #902
  • Many other code corrections, UI, and language adjustments
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