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OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For WHMCS - V1.3.1 NULLED

Version: 1.3.1 NULLED

Item cover for download OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For WHMCS



OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For WHMCS is a dual-purposed module empowering you to automate the provisioning of both VPS and dedicated servers brought by OVH, including those of So you Start, and Kimsufi brands. It has been designed to let your clients order machines finely tailored through configurable options, and control their essential properties without stepping outside your WHMCS.

Whatever the server type your customers will decide on, the power switch, reboot, reinstall, and other typical operations can be performed at any time in your client area. The same applies to tracing server details, entering the KVM and IPMI console, as well as managing reverse DNS settings. The owners of virtual machines will additionally be able to create and manage snapshots, whereas those who went for dedicated servers will gain easy access to traffic statistics. Furthermore, you will be allowed to select the existing machines that can be later on reused by another client, in case the previous one opts out.

Push your offering boundaries far beyond with twofold advantages of OVH VPS & Dedicated Servers For WHMCS. Snap up the module straight off, and cater for your audience's expectations with maximized efficiency!

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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
22 Dec 2023 - Version 1.3.1 NULLED
Fixed license issue !
02 Jun 2023 - Version 1.3.1 NULLED

  • WHMCS V8.6 and V8.7 support
  • Support for PHP 8.1 version
  • Increased loading speed of the service page in the admin area - case #357
  • Requires ionCube Loader V12 or later
  • Support for WHMCS V8.3 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.3 version
  • Fixed issue with missing geolocation and reverse DNS entries for the failover IP address type - case #355
  • Resolved problem with loading the servers into the addon module when a language other than English is used - case #358
  • Solved "The input provided isn't valid" error that could occur for the "Free" and "One-Time" server billing cycles when the product payment frequency was set to "Auto" - case #359
  • Eliminated "Wrong duration has been selected" error that might have occurred for the selected payment frequency - case #364
  • Other minor code corrections and improvements
18 Jan 2023 - Version 1.3.0 NULLED
  • WHMCS V8.5 support
  • Manage VPS firewall settings and rules for owned IP addresses - case #204
  • Configure product with "Auto" payment frequency that will automatically bill the ordered server for every given number of months based on the selected WHMCS billing cycle - case #162, #287
  • Added support for Lagom WHMCS Client Theme 2.X
  • Added "Biennially" billing cycle type to the service payment frequency
  • Added "Mac Address" column displayed for IP addresses table - case #302
  • Added support for obtaining failover IP addresses to server management - case #314, #315
  • "Power On" service action button will now be disabled when the server is already running - case #313
  • Added ID parameter to distinguish doubled plan names in the product configuration
  • Updated module code to be compliant with the latest OVH API changes
  • Support for WHMCS V8.1 and previous
  • Corrected fulfilling of the email template merge fields and WHMCS product details with server credentials obtained from the OVH email messages by cron job - case #297, #304, #319, #333
  • Fixed missing settings that you can choose to display in the "Service Information" tab of the dedicated server in the client area
  • Resolved cases when reverse DNS could not be displayed in the IP addresses list
  • Other code corrections, language and UI improvements
06 Aug 2021 - Version 1.2.0 NULLED
v1.2.0 Released: Mar 17th, 2021
New Feature
  • WHMCS V8.1 and "Twenty-One" theme support
  • The module will now support the OVH renewal functionality - case #289
  • Allow or block IPMI access from the client area for dedicated servers - case #271
  • Choose which of the specified "Service Information" details should be displayed in the client area - case #271
  • Decide whether to enable or disable access to the KVM console from the client area when using "So you Start" or "Kimsufi" brands - case #274
  • Added possibility to select "Mailbox Folder" for "Incoming Mail Configuration" that can be used if received emails are set to be automatically filtered and moved to other than the default folder in the inbox - case #268
  • Certain OS images available for the server reinstallation can now be blocked using the "blockedImages.json" file - case #257
  • Reverse DNS records will be now hidden from IP addresses if they match the OVH server name - case #279
  • OVH domains will be now hidden from the server name - case #280
  • Support for WHMCS V7.9 and previous
Bug Fix
  • Fixed problem with sending emails when the "-linux" suffix has been omitted from "Server Name" - case #261
  • Solved issue where "reinstallation" emails instead of "installation" messages might have been sent after the VPS creation - case #269
  • Resolved case where password details might have been empty in email messages if the generated VPS password contained a certain special character - case #277
  • Fixed issue with fetching "compatible OS templates" instead of "installation OS templates" from API when trying to reinstall the OVH server - case #257
  • Other minor code corrections and improvements
18 Mar 2021 - Version 1.1.1 NULLED
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Created 28-11-2020
Updated 22-12-2023
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