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Log Update Item CRM For WHMCS
This page only show history update item CRM For WHMCS.


Released: Dec 21st, 2022
  • WHMCS V8.6 support
  • Support for PHP 8.1 version
  • A new "Date time" picker type has been added to the custom fields list - case #728
  • Follow-up status - assign "Pending", "Confirmed", "Closed" or any other custom-name status with defined color to follow-ups - case #777
  • Make additional modifications in the email subject and content when the email template, that is about to be sent, is loaded - case #790
  • Tag your staff using the "@" sign in the notes content to notify them if they have been mentioned - case #804
  • Add CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients to an email message - case #882, #910
  • A new "Require Email" option that will prevent your staff from creating contacts without email addresses - case #903
  • Added "If Change Admin" and "Send Email To Assigned Admin" conditions to compose notifications delivered when an admin has been reassigned to other contact - case #625
  • Use web forms to create follow-ups with customized time and date - case #736
  • Inactive administrators will no longer be available to be assigned to a lead nor on the dashboard list - case #785
  • Added validations to prevent creating duplicated mailboxes and imported contacts
  • It will be now possible to use phone numbers separated with dot signs only
  • You can now provide multiple URL addresses in the created web form to use it in multiple places - case #828
  • Requires ionCube Loader V12 or later
  • Support for WHMCS V8.2 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.2 version
  • Entering new lines in the "Text Area" field type will now work properly on any browser - case #830
  • Eliminated the "Column already exists" SQL error that might have occurred when trying to reactivate the previously deactivated addon module
  • Code corrections to prevent certain compatibility problems with other provisioning modules - case #856
  • Fixed a rare problem that might have caused the "503 - Service Unavailable" error when trying to access the client profile - case #883
  • Solved issue when the last name was not automatically filled in while creating a contact from the client profile
  • Resolved problem with displaying the client custom field when there was a special character used in the filed name - case #863
  • If a problem is encountered when sending an email message, the success notice will no longer be displayed - case #879
  • Fixed problem with updating the mapped "select" field type in the contact details when synchronizing changes made in both ways - case #880
  • Added missing "Country" field as "select" type to the required web form fields - case #916
  • Fixed issue with mapping certain client custom fields - case #902
  • Many other code corrections, UI, and language adjustments


Released: Jun 20th, 2022
  • WHMCS V8.5 support
  • Added static and custom fields mappers synchronization upon changes made in the WHMCS client profile - #851
  • Email templates sent through the CRM module will now also support the "Blind Copy" functionality if that has been configured - case #857
  • Support for WHMCS V8.1 and previous
  • Fixed certain issues that could cause the SQLSTATE errors when trying to access "Lead" or "Emails" sections - case #686, #867
  • Eliminated "Webform - ERROR: TypeError" error that occurred when no WHMCS client could be marked as a lead upon contact synchronization - case #848
  • Resolved problem with importing received emails with plain text as empty messages - case #864
  • Fixed "DateTime::modify(): Failed to parse time string" error message that could occur when trying to import emails using cron method - case #849, #853
  • Solved problems with populating custom fields mappers after the recent CRM module update - case #851
  • Corrected displaying of the custom fields mappers when the "°" special character was used in the name field - case #863
  • Eliminated problem with deleting a mailbox if that contained messages and attachments - case #865
  • Fixed problem with generating an invalid webform controller address if the WHMCS "System URL" field contained a slash ("/") character at the end of the address - case #868
  • The "Access To Mass Messages" permissions settings will be now taken into account properly - case #874
  • Other minor code corrections and improvements


Released: Jan 25th, 2022
  • WHMCS V8.4 support
  • Resolved assorted problems with creating and sending mass messages - case #786
  • Eliminated "Error strpos(): Non-string needles (...)" error that might have occurred when running the CRM cron job - case #836
  • Fixed problem with labels assignment when creating a new contact - case #831
  • Other code corrections and adjustments