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Resellers Center For WHMCS - V3.13.0 NULLED

Version: 3.13.0 NULLED

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Resellers Center For WHMCS will empower your resellers to handle acquired customers and generated sales in your system, while also helping you keep all their ventures under essential supervision. It is through your resellers that end clients will be able to obtain products, addons and domains directly from you!

The module features a flexible management model based on reseller groups. Each group you create can gain a diverse set of reselling permissions applicable to store branding, payment gateways, payouts' calculation methods, and other conditions. You will be able to track the sales progress statistics, as well as draw up multiple variants of documentation for resellers. Importantly, you will not need to be involved in any of reselling activities directly – the resellers alone can offer promo codes, handle acquired purchases, or even respond in tickets. All without ever leaving your WHMCS!

The genius of Resellers Center For WHMCS lies also in the choice between two reliable invoicing formulas. The first one will permit the resellers to configure independent payment gateways, issue customized invoices for end clients, and collect the money in a direct manner. Alternatively, you can receive payments settled by end clients in full, and then transfer payouts to your resellers either manually or automatically.

Let your products and services be further marketed with incomparable comfort and efficiency. Order Resellers Center For WHMCS if you crave to widen the circle of satisfied audience and rocket generated profits in next to no time!

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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
18 Sep 2023 - Version 3.13.0 NULLED
  • Stable release
  • WHMCS V8.8 support
  • Option to enable additional credit limit verification for the reseller's deferred payments to block orders with insufficient balances - case #1735
  • Orders will be automatically marked as approved if the "Automatically setup the product as soon as an order is placed" option is enabled for included products - case #1689
  • Reseller orders initiated from the admin area will now be blocked if their deferred payment limit has been reached and the "Reseller Invoice" option is enabled - case #1719
  • The reseller's company name displayed on the WHMCS clients list will be now taken from the WHMCS client profile instead of the provided company name in the reseller area - case #1620
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
  • Resolved issue of incorrect taxation on invoices when the reseller's country tax rate differs from the end client's country tax rate - case #1678
  • Corrected problem with invalid redirection when trying to use the "Upgrade/Downgrade" functionality for product's configurable options - case #1306, #1731
  • Fixed case where a new pricing group with consolidated invoices could not be created if some of the resellers had unpaid invoices - case #1672
  • Consolidated invoice and due date will now be properly updated on creation
  • Corrected display of the product prices in the shopping cart and order summary after applying discount of percentage type
  • The option to use the "Deferred Payment" method will no longer be available to select for the unpaid and consolidated invoices
  • Corrected display of the domain prices for spotlighted TLDs - case #1709
  • Fixed problem with displaying all domain pricing in the client area - case #1710
  • Eliminated cases where clients could access the credit payment option although only the deferred payment method should be accessible
  • Solved issue that prevented the configuration of 'Setup Fee' for products within the pricing group due to a currency deletion
  • Resolved issue where payment with a credit card method could become unavailable for product "Upgrade/Downgrade" orders
  • Assorted corrections related to consolidated invoices and deferred payments
  • Fixed problem related to applying promotional codes when using the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme - case #1674
  • Adjusted consolidated invoices numbering - case #1730
  • Resolved issue where previously saved credit cards might not be available for the end client when placing a new order - case #1750
  • Eliminated problem where utilizing the Stripe payment method could cause the client to be logged out t from the reseller's store
  • Many other code corrections and improvements
04 Jul 2023 - Version 3.13.0b NULLED
  • Allow resellers and their end-clients to purchase products and services with deferred payments within a defined credit limit - case #1497, #1587
  • Option to enable consolidated invoices for multiple purchases that will be generated for a reseller once a month - case #1586
  • Possibility to disable generating invoices with total amounts equal to zero - case #1590
  • Added support for WHMCS dynamic field translations of product names in multiple languages - case #1303
  • When adding a new translation of an email template in the reseller area, the content will now be automatically fetched from the main WHMCS email template translation if that is available - case #1585
  • The reseller name on the WHMCS clients list will now display the reseller's company name, if that has been provided, instead of the reseller's first and last name - case #1620
  • Fixed problem with configuring the product pricing if certain currencies were previously removed from WHMCS
  • Corrected reseller's logo branding on invoices sent as PDF files attached to email messages - case #1008
  • Going back to a previous page in the browser, when a reseller is placing an order for a client, will no longer revert to a broken reseller area page
  • Numerous adjustments related to filtering results of the reseller assignments in the addon module
  • Fixed problems with sending attachments that might not be successfully delivered with the reseller's replies to tickets
  • Added missing currency suffix and prefix to prices and income values of the reseller assignments in the addon module
  • Resolved problem with the WHMCS notifications that were not delivered when the module was activated - case #1573
  • A reply to a ticket as a reseller will now properly determine its status to be set to "Answered" instead of "Customer-Reply" and mark it with the "Operator" label - case #1580
  • If the option to show hidden products is enabled, they will now be properly displayed in the navbar menu with the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme used - case #1604
  • The "Hide Product Nameservers" and "Hide Product Hostname" options will now properly work with the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme - case #1589
  • Fixed missing merge field variable information when sending an email order message after a reseller places that order as a client - case #1623
  • Corrected assorted issues related to payments with the Stripe gateway when using the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme - case #1280
  • Made certain code corrections related to the PayPal payment gateway usage - case #1323
  • Adjusted active services counter displayed in the end client area - case #1575
  • Other code corrections, language and UI adjustments
31 Mar 2023 - Version 3.12.0 NULLED
  • Enable the global search feature in the Reseller Area to look for clients, orders, invoices, services, addons, domains, and tickets - case #1552
  • Restored possibility to export transactions data in a CSV file from the Reseller Area
  • Added support for WHMCS "Dynamic Field Translations" functionality for easy localization of fields such as product names and their descriptions - case #1566
  • Resolved problems with sending branded emails to clients when opening a ticket - case #1547, #1435
  • Solved issues with emails not being sent to a reseller when the "Redirect Emails" and "Send Default Emails" options were enabled at the same time - case #1445
  • Eliminated "Call to a member function getAttribute() on null" error that could appear when the reseller tried to log in as a client - case #1546
  • The URL to the reseller profile visible in the client summary will now work properly for customized WHMCS admin folder name - case #1555
  • WHMCS "SendEmail" API function should no longer return "Sending Failed. Please see documentation." information once the Resellers Center addon module is activated - case #1556
  • Additional corrections related to "Lagom WHMCS Client Theme" support - case #1540
  • Other minor code corrections and improvements
13 Feb 2023 - Version 3.11.1 NULLED
  • WHMCS V8.7 support
  • Support for WHMCS V8.3 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.3 version
  • Corrected refreshing of the currency states and saving the updated products pricing - case #1431
  • Eliminated "Call to a member function getType()" error that could occur when an end-client tried to order a domain addon with the "Reseller Invoice" option was enabled - case #1439
  • "Apply Credit" window will no longer be missing on the invoice view for ordinary admin clients - case #1519, #1539
  • Solved problems with automatic credit payment functionality for invoices - case #1539
  • Fixed issue that might have caused problems with loading the "System Overview" widget on the WHMCS V8.6 dashboard - case #1515, #1521
  • Corrected displaying of products that should not be available for end-clients to browse - case #1536
  • Resolved problem with sending "Support Ticket Reply" email template that always contained the first ticket entry instead of the current answer - case #1432
  • Custom client fields marked as "Admin Only" will no longer be displayed in the reseller's "Add Client" window - case #1516
  • Eliminated problem when all WHMCS products were displayed for non-logged-in clients with Lagom WHMCS Client Theme used - case #1540
  • Corrected wrongly generated product and product group URLs from the reseller area - case #1545
  • Resolved assorted problems with displaying and redirecting from menu items in the "Store" dropdown caused by the "Show Hidden" option - case #1544
  • Other minor code corrections and improvements
28 Nov 2022 - Version 3.11.0 NULLED


Released: Nov 17th, 2022
  • WHMCS V8.5 and V8.6 support
  • Support for PHP 8.1 version
  • Resellers can now configure their own email mailboxes using the SMTP settings for sent messages - case #985
  • Resellers can now quickly generate direct URLs to their products and product groups from the reseller area - case #1349
  • Resellers can now provide separate logo files for invoices and for the store - case #1413
  • Resellers can now download their client's invoices in the PDF format - case #1414
  • Allow resellers to select custom date format to be displayed for their own clients - case #1112
  • Allow resellers to manually suspend/unsuspend their clients' services - case #1230
  • Decide whether resellers can log in to their clients' accounts - case #1371
  • Prevent resellers from the possibility of placing orders for their clients - case #1371
  • Option to hide the button deleting a client from the reseller area - case #1313
  • Option to hide the SSO (Single Sign-In) integration button from the resellers' stores - case #1128
  • Information on the reseller, to which the customer belongs to, on the clients' list and in the client details in the admin area - case #765
  • Added resellers' domains validation to prevent them from using URL prefixes such as "https" or "www" that caused configuration issues - case #1233
  • Optimized certain database queries to improve the module performance when using it with a large number of clients or domains - case #1403, #1426, #1456
  • Requires ionCube Loader V12 or later
  • Support for WHMCS V8.2 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.2 version
  • Discarded option to order product addons when reseller was masqueraded as a client due to API limitations
  • Fixed problem with invalid invoice items pricing when the reseller's client was using the upgrade/downgrade functionality via the configurable options - case #1306
  • When the reseller's clients open a new ticket, the "Related Service" field will no longer display products from other brands - case #1316
  • The resellers' clients cannot pay the invoices using credits when the "Credit Payment" functionality is disabled
  • Adjusted calculating and displaying income in proper currencies that could differ between admin, resellers, and end-clients - case #1320
  • Invalid pricing is no longer displayed, when selecting billing cycle in the reseller store, with the "Lagom WHMCS Client Theme" - case #1501
  • Eliminated most of the error entries generated in the "tblerrorlog" database table
  • Many other code corrections, language, and UI improvements
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