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Discount Center For WHMCS - V1.7.4 NULLED

Version: 1.7.4 NULLED

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Discount Center For WHMCS opens up the chance to create and manage various kinds of advanced discounts in a fully automatic manner inside your WHMCS.

The module’s choice of promotional tactics starts with discounts applicable to the order of a previously defined combination of products. You will be also allowed to introduce early payment discounts for recurring services, as well as two different types of quantity price cuts, both with dynamically adjustable thresholds. Whatever approach you decide on, you will be able to specify exact customers and guests to whom the discount should be applied, determine whether it comes as a one-time or recurring offer and set up validity time frames. Informative graphs, summary tables and transparent logs will let you keep track of all pursued promotions and accurately gauge their effectiveness.

Create a lasting impact on your audience’s preferences and firm your reputation on the market. Order Discount Center For WHMCS and appeal strongly to the minds of prospective clients!

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aaron99 2 years ago

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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
04 Feb 2024 - Version 1.7.4 NULLED
  • WHMCS V8.9 support
  • Fixed issues causing incorrect functioning of the domain search - case #499, #488
  • Corrected issue with an invalid recurring price for a product when that was purchased with a free addon - case #498
  • Eliminated the "TypeError: Cannot access offset of type string on string" error that could occur for products bundled with addons - case #495, #489
  • Corrected issue with the "Global Limit" configuration ensuring proper functionality when the "Time" field was left empty or the "Recurring Discounts" option was disabled - case #491, #492
  • Fixed cases where an incorrect discount was applied during product upgrades - case #490
  • Solved specific problem with incorrectly displayed payment gateways when trying to upgrade/downgrade services when using the Product Free Trial Manager For WHMCS module - case #508
  • Corrected issue where discounted and crossed-out prices on the product tiles were not displayed on the PHP 8.1 server if the number of days for the "New Client Status" option was empty - case #506
  • The crossed-out prices will now be correctly displayed on the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme when the Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS module is installed - case #504
  • Specific corrections related to discount calculation along with configured tax rules and tax exceptions
  • Solved issues related to applying discounts to the MarketConnect product addons
  • Other minor code corrections
28 Nov 2023 - Version 1.7.3 NULLED

Fixed license issue !

25 Aug 2023 - Version 1.7.3 NULLED
  • WHMCS V8.8 support
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
  • Assorted corrections for displayed pricing and discounts with Lagom WHMCS Client Theme - case #467, #481
  • Fixed problem with an invalid discount price when upgrading a product to another one - case #480
  • Solved problems with applying early payment discounts for subsequent invoices - case #485
  • Other minor code corrections
02 Jun 2023 - Version 1.7.1 NULLED

  • Temporarily disabled support for discount limits when adding a product item with multiple quantities
  • Corrected invoice pricing calculation for discounts with configurable option items - case #418
05 May 2023 - Version 1.7.0 NULLED
New Feature
  • Discounts limits - set up global limits per products, product addons and domains, limit the number of items in a cart as well as the time period that the discount can be used by a client - case #387
  • Select the required billing cycles of items in a cart that the discount can be applied to - case #396
  • Discounts for all TLDs can now be displayed on the WHMCS domains pricing list in the client area - case #386, #377
  • Enable discounts for the product "Upgrade/Downgrade" functionality - case #271
Bug Fix
  • Fixed problem with displaying discounts for product addons if the client language was different than English - case #444
  • Corrected discount calculation for recurring amount if the inclusive and deduct tax are enabled - case #448
  • Adjusted filtering of discounts by domains - case #397
  • Other code corrections and optimization improvements
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Created 28-11-2020
Updated 04-02-2024
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