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Lagom WHMCS theme - V2.2.5 NULLED

Version: 2.2.5 NULLED

Item cover for download Lagom WHMCS theme


Why buy Lagom Template and Addon for Lagom from us:

1. We buy directly from the developer so every file is 100% safe. (the image below is our account image)

2. You will receive constant updates.

Lagom theme is a fully responsive WHMCS template offering the choice of different styles and layouts for the ultimate user experience.

Support WHMCS 8

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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
27 Apr 2024 - Version 2.2.5 NULLED
Client Area
  • NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.10.0 and 8.10.1.
  • FIX Resolved an issue where enabling the currency dropdown in the theme navigation caused search engines to index URLs with currency parameters. These links will no longer be indexed - Case #859.
  • FIX Resolved an issue where the icon for the notification menu item was missing when the notification list was empty - Case #864.
  • FIX Other minor appearance fixes.
Order Process
  • NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.10.0 and 8.10.1.
  • FIX Resolved an issue with with price calculation, when domain addons were set to 0, and when the "Show TLD Cycle Switcher" option was enabled in our addon - Case #862.
  • FIX Fixed an issue where illustrations were missing on the domain configuration page when the "Display No Hosting Information More Prominently" option was enabled in our addon - Case #855.
  • FIX Other minor appearance fixes.
20 Mar 2024 - Version 2.2.4 NULLED
Client Area
  • NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.9.x.
  • NEW Alternate Links Generation - Enable automatic alternate links generation for all theme pages - Case #717.
  • NEW Sections Title Capitalization - Ability to disable forced title capitalization - Case #806.
  • NEW Hide Option To Add New Billing Address - New setting for “Invoice Payment“ - Case #736.
  • NEW Hide Ticket Priority - New setting for “Support Ticket - Step Two“ - Case #641.
  • NEW Show Product Group Name - New setting for “Support Ticket - Step Two“ - Case #716.
  • NEW Hide Sidebar - New setting for “Product Details“ page - Case #640.
  • NEW Hide Marketing Email Box - New setting for “Registration“ page - Case #780.
  • NEW Hide Immediate Cancellation - New setting for “Request Cancellation“ page - Case #571.
  • NEW Invoice Table Sorting - New setting for “Invoices“ page - Case #671.
  • NEW Hide Configurable Options - New setting for “Upgrade“ page - Case #805.
  • Improvements The secondary menu navigation bar will now automatically hide when all items are removed using Menu Manager, ensuring a cleaner interface - Case #757.
  • Improvements The registration form can now be submitted by pressing the Enter key - Case #800.
  • Improvements Design of MarketConnect addons in Product Management page has been improved - Case #731.
  • FIX Corrected an issue where navigation items on mobile devices appeared white on a white background due to conflicts between “Secondary“ and “Primary“ background color selections for the “Left“ navigation type - Case #745.
  • FIX Resolved a visibility issue in the Store menu, where navigation items were displayed as dark text on a dark background, caused by conflicting “Secondary“ and “Primary“ background color settings for the “Left“ navigation type - Case #803.
  • FIX Resolved issue with “Exipring In“ date calculation for different date formats - Case #758.
  • FIX Fixed a problem where theme styles were not properly loading on OAuth authentication pages - Case #755.
  • FIX Adjusted the spacing of the shopping cart item count displayed in the secondary navigation for clarity when multiple items are present in the cart - Case #728, #766.
  • FIX Fixed an issue where custom icons assigned to menu items through the Menu Manager were not appearing in the theme navigation - Case #808.
  • FIX Other minor appearance fixes.
Order Process
  • NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.9.x.
  • NEW Show TLD Cycle Switcher - Ability to enable TLD billing cycle switcher during domain ordering process - Case #749.
  • NEW Hide Product Hostname - New configuration options has been added to this order process setting - Case #767, #770.
  • NEW Custom Product Description Formatting - Possibility to disable the custom formatting of product description - Case #746.
  • NEW Custom Checkout Checkboxes - Ability to include custom checkboxes shown below TOS in “View Cart“ - Case #138.
  • NEW >Boxed Domain Template - New teplate for “Configure Product Domain“ page - Case #138.
  • NEW Hide Nameservers Section - New setting for “Configure Domains“ page - Case #772.
  • NEW TOS Location - New setting for “View Cart“ page - Case #469, #770.
  • NEW Hide Marketing Email Box - New setting for “View Cart“ page - Case #780.
  • NEW Addon Columns - New setting for “Prduct Configuration“ page - Case #751.
  • NEW Hide Product Group Name - New setting for “Prduct Configuration“ page - Case #820.
  • NEW Set “Company Name“ Field As Required - New setting for “View Cart“ page. - Case #821
  • Improvement Automatic whitespace and incorrect signs removal from the domain name input during domain registration - Case #763.
  • Improvement Enhanced the display of long text strings shown in input fields on the “Configurable Options Upgrade“ page - Case #759.
  • Improvement The cancellation process for addons associated with a specific product has been enhanced and is now presented in a modal format instead of separate subpage - Case #740.
  • Improvement The design of promotional labels for highlighted domain TLDs during the product purchasing process has been enhanced - Case #322.
  • Improvement The product group and package name are now displayed in the page header during the registration of a domain name linked to a specific product - Case #707.
  • FIX Resolved issue with price calculation for “One Time“ payments, when “Lowest Billing Cycle“ option was selected - Case #756
  • FIX Other minor appearance fixes.
  • Improvements Further minor security imporvements.
05 Feb 2024 - Version 2.2.3 NULLED

This version contains critical security enhancements to address vulnerabilities discovered in our addon. #

29 Sep 2023 - Version 2.2.2 NULLED
Client Area
  • NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.8.x.
  • NEW Build-in integration with SupportPin module.
  • NEW Hide Default Alerts - New setting for “Dashboard” page.
  • NEW Possibility to add HTML tags in “Mega Menu” description.
  • FIX Resolved an issue, where incorrect invoice ID were shown in the right summary box title, on invoice payment page - case #737.
  • FIXOther minor appearance fixes.
Order Process
  • NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.8.x.
  • FIXOther minor appearance fixes.
18 Sep 2023 - Version 2.2.1 NULLED
  • NEW Compatibility with third-party WHMCS admin area theme called “AdminX”.
  • FIX Fixed a licensing problem that could cause the theme to deactivate on certain server setups.
Client Area
  • Improvements Improved compatibility with “Advanced” and “Basic” theme integrations, so update of these packages won't need to be required.
  • FIX Resolved issue with loading of menu item “name”, in case WHMCS default language were different than English.
  • FIX Rectified translation issues related to menu item “label” and “descriptions”.
  • FIX Resolved pricing display issues within the “Modern” homepage template, as well in product packages in specific product and WHMCS configurations.
Order Process
  • FIX Resolved pricing display issues within product packages in specific product and WHMCS configurations.
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Created 28-11-2020
Updated 27-04-2024
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