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Log Update Item Multibrand For WHMCS
This page only show history update item Multibrand For WHMCS.
v2.8.1Released: Apr 29th, 2021
  • Support for WHMCS V7.9 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.1 version
  • Solved problem with the branded ticket replies that did not contain the attached file in the email message - case #881
  • Corrected issue that might have caused "Currencies" exception errors that occurred after the latest module upgrade - case #884
  • Fixed problem with access to the admin area related to the " $_SERVER['REQUEST_SCHEME']" setting or if the WHMCS System URL contained "www" address prefix - case #887
  • Resolved problem with branded Stripe gateway on WHMCS V7.10 - case #888
  • Eliminated the "Gateway is not configured in current brand" error that might have occurred when using the "Cancel & Refund" action - case #889
  • Exception error will no longer occur in the client area when branded product is deleted from WHMCS - case #890
  • Editing an account details by the client will no longer cause unassigning it from brands - case #892
  • Fixed case that might have caused the "HTTP 500 Internal Server Error" when trying to register a domain - case #893
  • Corrected issue that might have affected "Unpaid" invoice counter in the branded client area - case #894
  • Optimized module performance if products' branding is disabled - case #895
  • "Password Reset" email template will be now properly sent in the client's language if available - case #896
  • "Credit Card Payment Confirmation" email template should be now properly branded when using "Attempt Capture" in the admin area and the "Full Friendly Rewrite" setting is set to "Friendly URLs" - case #898
  • When the module's "Bank Transfer" payment gateway is selected, fields to enter credit card details will no longer be displayed - case #883
  • Resolved case that might have caused ticket emails to be sent twice if a given email template was disabled for the brand - case #900
  • Using deprecated "Mass Mail Tool" will no longer cause exception errors on WHMCS V7.10 - case #899
  • Fixed problem with an empty group of products in the branded client area if it was opened using a direct URL to the cart - case #911
  • Corrected a rare issue resulting from missing currency in a stored session - case #884
  • Optimized page loading when using a direct URL to add a product to the cart or when opening the module's brand section - case #907, #904
  • Eliminated double slash "/" character occurring in the logo URL - case #903
  • Certain corrections to resolved problems with "Email send aborted by hook" message in the admin area - case #891
  • Other code corrections and improvements
Product Added to the system.