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Log Update Item Proxmox VPS For WHMCS
This page only show history update item Proxmox VPS For WHMCS.
  • WHMCS V8.9 support
  • Offer "Private Network" selection as configurable option for your clients orders - case #1387
  • Adjusted performance of backup synchronization cron for machines located on a single cluster - case #243
  • Added validation for checking if the "BCMath" PHP extension is installed when adding new IPv6 addresses in the addon's IP management - case #241
  • Option to provide decimal values (using a dot separator) for the "CPU Limit" configuration, instead of integers only - case #1664
  • Replaced "Linux 5.x - 2.6 Kernel" OS type setting with "Linux 6.x - 2.6 Kernel" - case #1705
  • EFI disk will no longer be resized if the boot order was empty during machine creation - case #1687
  • The "SLAAC" IPv6 network mode will no longer be available for LXC virtualization type as it is not a valid format for that configuration - case #1683
  • Corrected problem with IP addresses assigned to multiple Windows network interfaces if the guest agent is enabled - case #1679
  • Eliminated problem causing the "Master Disk not found" error when changing a package, if that disk was not selected as the first in the boot order - case #1674
  • Resolved assorted errors occurring when executing the "update-server-usage" cron job for bandwidth reset - case #1673
  • Solved the "Unsupported operand types" error that could occur when adding subnets from the IPv6 block - case #244
  • The duration time of an action will be available in the module logs only if the "CURLINFO_TOTAL_TIME_T" option is supported by the server - case #242
  • Fixed problem with displaying the size of backups if the size value contains 12 or more digits - case #1667
  • Refined error messages when an incorrect disk size or storage is detected - case #1662
  • CIDR will be now properly set for the IP address when configuring the network with guest agent enabled - case #1659
  • Solved problem with the "Freeze FS On Backup" option for the guest agent that was not supported until Proxmox VE 7.4 version - case #1657
  • The "TPM" module will be now properly added for the disk when cloning the virtual machine - case #1655
  • The TPM device will no longer be unnecessarily listed in the "Disks" section of the client area - case #1656
  • Corrected subnet mask validation when adding IPv6 pool from the addon module
  • Fixed backup synchronization that might not list VM backups created at the same time - case #249
  • Solved problem where Firewall rules were not updating if the "Firewall Options" were left blank in the configuration - case #1712
  • Eliminated specific errors in Proxmox task viewer that could occur after migrating a VM due to using QUEMU guest agent that was not installed on server - case #1704
  • The module will now properly validate if the provided VM hostname is a validf DNS name - case #1703
  • Resolved an issue where the "update-server-usage" cron job would fail if there was an inactive server in the configuration. - case #1689
  • Blocked possibility to order disk downgrades if there were additional disks that had been previously removed - case #1684
  • Restricted ability to downgrade a disk from a product with configurable options to a product without them - case #1680
  • Eliminated specific "TypeError" that could occur when adding a security group with "Plesk" rules - case #1672
  • Editied firewall rule status will be now immediately reflected in the firewall rules list and the updating window - case #1671
  • Restoring more than six Firewall rules at once should no longer cause errors - case #1665
  • Other minor code corrections and adjustments
  • Set up the default limit of backup tasks per node - case #1486
  • Define the relation between each node, backup storage and their synchronization in the Proxmox addon module - case #1485
  • Enable the "Guest Trim" request for QEMU Guest Agent after moving disk or migrating the VM - case #1487
  • Enable the option to "Freeze/Thaw" file systems during backups for consistency when using the Guest Agent - case #1487
  • Set global "VLANs Limit" to prevent creating additional private networks when the number of assigned VLAN Tags is already reached - case #1484
  • Automatically assign IP address for private network configuration - case #1489
  • The firewall is now enabled by default for private networks - case #1489
  • Option to automatically restart a VM when creating a private network - case #1488
  • Select which elements will be displayed in the server information table in the client area - case #1491
  • Select the order of displayed section elements on the product information page of the client area - case #1493
  • Option to additionally destroy all unreferenced disks upon sever termination - case #1636
  • Alternative mode that allows summing selected configurable option values with the default product configuration values instead of overwriting them - case #1483
  • Choose if clients will be allowed to toggle backup email notifications upon their creation - case #1475
  • Added "q35 - 8.0" and "q35 Latest" options for QEMU machine type configuration - case #1449
  • Server management actions are now disabled from the start of the backup creation process until its completion - case #1492
  • Translations for server action notifications will now be distinguished between the KVM virtual machine and the LXC container - case #1526
  • Added option to display disk and bandwidth usage directly in the server information table - case #1596
  • Added support for new CPU types introduced in the Proxmox VE 8.0 - case #1600
  • The "backupSync" cron task now runs immediately after backup creation is finished - case #1619
  • Added "purge" parameter for VM termination command to remove its VMID from related configurations, such as backups and replication jobs
  • After adding backup creation to the tasks list, the related notification will be displayed until the backup is finished
  • Server migration with the "Online" option enabled will no longer force the VM for KVM virtualization type to be stopped - case #1622
  • Assorted corrections for IP addresses assignment performed from the admin area - case #1417
  • Solved case with upgrading disk space when using configurable options - case #1598
  • Eliminated issue of not resetting bandwidth usage at the end of the month for services purchased on the 31st day of the month
  • Assorted bug fixes related to backup restoration from another cluster
  • Fixed issue where the "Start Date" in the tasks history list was displaying as a zero date - case #237
  • Resolved problem with adding a TPM disk to the cloned VM - case #1653
  • Other minor code corrections, UI adjustments and other improvements

Fixed license issue !

  • WHMCS V8.8 support
  • Select multiple public bridges in the network configuration, enabling the assignment of corresponding IP addresses during the virtual machine creation with the appropriate bridge setting selected in the module's IP management - case #1525
  • Implemented language overrides support, enabling the utilization of customized translations - case #1589
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
  • Resolved problem where some of the backups collections were not listed when the Proxmox server did not return information about the used cluster - case #1590
  • Solved issue where some of the nodes might return the "No route to host" error that caused problems with opening the product configuration - case #1592
  • Eliminated "TypeError" that might occur while running the "update-server-usage" cron job - case #1588
  • Fixed problem with the second DNS server address being unnecessarily removed while re-configuring the network - case #1605
  • Corrected critical error that might have occurred when using network re-configuration - case #1604
  • Solved problem with improper restoration of a machine from backup after its additional disks were removed - case #1615
  • Fixed problem where the VM's IP address might not be assigned after an upgrade when the "One Network Device" option was enabled
  • Other minor code corrections and UI improvements

Fix license.