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Log Update Item Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS
This page only show history update item Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS.


Released: Jul 15th, 2022
  • The "Quantity" configurable option type sliders can now be adjusted using - / + buttons and by entering a desired value manually - case #652
  • Assorted UI adjustments for the right-to-left (RTL) languages
  • Additional code corrections related to product URL redirection and friendly URL types - case #704, #705
  • Fixed cases of the entered additional domain fields being cleared every few milliseconds for the logged in users - case #694
  • Further adjustments related to the "Domain Configuration" field that was not always properly displayed after refreshing the products list - case #668, #681
  • Solved issue with displaying invalid pricing for a domain transfer that should be offered for free - case #669
  • Supplementary fixes to updated URL address along with the selected product changes made on the order form - case #619
  • Resolved problem with the product redirection using a direct URL if the "/store/" instead of the "/order/" path was used in the link address - case #469, #687
  • Further adjustments related to problems with domain searching in certain cases - case #707
  • Using the browser "back" button will now properly bring the user to the previous step of the order - #689
  • Fixed issue with domain validation when ordering a product with a domain as a guest and then logging into an existing account - case #712, #719
  • Other code corrections and UI adjustments


Released: Jun 10th, 2022
  • Additional adjustments related to scrolling indication of the fields validation
  • Swapped positions of country, state, and city fields in the account details to represent their order better - case #589
  • Additional linking fixes related to using products, domains, and promo codes for direct shopping URL addresses - case #523, #579, #580
  • Corrected bug that might have caused the provided domains to register not being searched for
  • Fixed problem with setting the tax level per specified state in the order summary for not logged in clients - case #540
  • Resolved problem that might have caused invalid redirection to a generated invoice when PayPal payment gateway is used
  • Eliminated issue with free of charge domains that could have been displayed as paid in the order summary - case #587
  • Corrected issue where the client was redirected to the domain register tab instead of the renewal one after using the domain renewal button - case #534
  • The "end" word that could be displayed in the "States" dropdown list for selected countries no longer appears - case #591
  • Adjusted display of the "Generate Password" window the position of which could be misplaced in the case of custom client themes - case #545
  • Resolved problem that might have caused the "Hide VAT" field functionality not to work - case #541
  • Newsletter subscription checkbox will be now accordingly selected based on the "Require User Opt-In" WHMCS general settings - case #581
  • Fixed domain search validation when the second-level (SLD) domain extension has been provided - case #583
  • Solved cases when the product addons were not available for order - case #578
  • Other code corrections and improvements


Released: Jun 2nd, 2022
  • Hide the "VAT Number" client field for selected countries - case #541
  • Decide whether the currency switcher on the order page shall be visible or not when just one currency is active in the system - case #542
  • Added possibility to localize the credit card expiry date placeholder for payment gateways that support default WHMCS fields (excluded Stripe) - case #556
  • The provided domain name format will be now validated instantly - case #549
  • Added support for HTML links used in the product description - case #509
  • Additional adjustments to the auto-scrolling to indicate which of the required fields has not been appropriately fulfilled - case #531, #536
  • Resolved problem of the "level 2" tax amount not being displayed in the order summary - case #540
  • Additional corrections in specific payment gateways redirection - case #470
  • Eliminated problem where a product addon could be automatically added to the cart without clicking on it - case #552
  • CAPTCHA authentication will no longer be displayed every time the client enters a new domain name to search - case #538
  • Fixed problem with the "Phone Number" dropdown coloring in certain Lagom Client Theme layouts - case #533
  • Solved cases when the auto-generated account password could differ from the one in the confirmation field - case #423, #568
  • Corrected support for the "yes/no" and the "dropdown" configurable option types when using direct product URLs - case #503
  • Minor corrections in the specified currency formats and suffixes that could result in the item pricing being cut off or improperly formatted - case #547, #553, #562
  • Fixed specific problems with proceeding with an order when items were added to cart by a not logged in client who then tried to sign in using an existing account - case #562
  • Fixed product direct linking with multiple attributes specified in the address for certain "Friendly URLs" redirection - case #529
  • Solved problem with disappearing client details if these were typed into the fields too quickly - case #565
  • Added missing WHMCS "Easy Translation" support for product addons descriptions and custom fields - case #528
  • Resolved issue with disabled module redirection when WHMCS "Friendly Full Rewrite" URLs mode is used - case #550
  • Fixed problem that occurred when PayPal payment gateway was selected to complete the payment for the order - case #560
  • Other code corrections and UI adjustments
Product Added to the system.