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Log Update Item Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS
This page only show history update item Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS.


Released: Nov 9th, 2023
  • Eliminated "Base table or view not found" SQL error that could occur after upgrading the module from a previous version - case #1492
  • The "checkbox" custom field type, when set as "required", will no longer disturb the order placement
  • The failed fraud check notification will now be properly displayed during the order placement process
Fixed issue with 'Starting from' prices that might display incorrect amounts when the product included additional configurable options or addons
  • WHMCS V8.8 support
    Please note that the new WHMCS On-Demand Renewals feature is not yet supported until one of the next major updates
  • Configure the order in which client billing details and personal information fields will appear on the checkout - case #1371
  • The module will now take into account all countries' states that are by default listed in the WHMCS "/assets/js/StatesDropdown.js" file - case #1396
  • Assorted code optimizations to speed up the module performance
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
  • Additional notes on the checkout page will no longer be displayed if they were disabled in general settings - case #1393, #1395
  • Fixed issue with setting up the billing cycle from a direct URL if its parameter name was preceded with the "?" character - case #1408
  • Custom color of the configurable suboption fields will no longer be pre-configured with a default value after the module activation - use the "Override Color" toggle instead - case #1063
  • Resolved problem with the option to renew domains with more than 90 days left to expire which by default should be impossible - case #1389
  • Fixed cases when the custom product addons were not visible in the order summary - case #1391
  • Solved problem where the "Postcode" field was not displayed if the "State" field was set to be hidden - case #1392
  • Eliminated issue with displaying double "Setup Fee" text labels on the "Horizontal" package tiles setup - case #1402
  • Corrected invalid "Starting from" pricing for billing cycles other than monthly if the monthly breakdown option was enabled - case #1409
  • Fixed "Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array" error that could occur when ordering a domain on PHP 8.1- case #1413
  • Solved problem with hidden configurable options that were still visible on the order form
  • The domain nameservers fields will be now properly displayed when initializing a domain transfer
  • Added missing validation of product custom fields
  • Solved cases where the domain addons were missing from the order form - case #1426
  • Product addons with billing cycles different from the product will now be properly displayed on the order form
  • Certain corrections related to submitting data into additional domain fields
  • Resolved issues with setting up the billing cycle while using a direct product URL with its slug as product name instead of the ID - case #1432
  • Solved case where the content of an order form, initially prepared by a guest client, could be reset after logging in to the client account 
  • Eliminated issue with displaying "Free/yr" instead of "Free" label for specific domain configuration - case #1400
  • Added missing validation for Stripe payment gateway that could disappear after changing the product group - case #1418
  • Resolved problem with missing "Sign in with Facebook" button when trying to check out with an existing customer account - case #1425
  • Fixed issue of the text label overlapping the "Product Billing Cycle" dropdown in the mobile view - case #1461
  • The module will no longer reset billing details after validating that one of the fields was provided incorrectly - case #1455
  • Other minor code corrections, language and UI adjustments.

Fix license issue !

  • Client's geolocation detection - automatically switch the language and currency according to the customer's location - case #330
  • Choose to display zero prices with "Free" expression or as a "0.00" numerical representation that corresponds with the currency format - case #584
  • Option to hide zero prices from the configurable options and product addons
  • Option to hide the "IP Address Box" with secure environment information from the order form - case #1034, #1223
  • Option to choose whether to permanently hide the currency selector from the order or hide it when only a single currency is available - case #965
  • Hide hostname and nameservers fields for initial server configuration for all products or selected product groups - case #1241
  • Select any custom color of the configurable suboption fields displayed in the order form - case #1063
  • Select the optional billing details fields that should be hidden in the order form
  • Searching the domain in the standard WHMCS field will now automatically redirect the client to the order form for that domain and its configuration - case #246
  • Included new graphics for "360 Monitoring" and "NordVPN" MarketConnect products
  • Sorting by columns and searching by ID options added in the "Orders" section of the addon module
  • Adjusted look of the configurable option when it is set as a quantity type with the unlimited amount to enter - case #1204
  • Optimized performance for executing various actions within the module - case #784
  • The custom client fields marked as required will be now shown despite the lack of selection to show them in the order form
  • "Starting from" price label will be now correctly included if the product contains additional pricing from the configurable options
  • Corrected handling of the domain fields' translations from the custom domain registrars - case #841
  • Empty product section will be no longer displayed if its product group was marked as hidden
  • The promotion code field will now be shown only on the second step instead of the first one in the "Two Steps" order form
  • Domain searching is now possible if no products were created in WHMCS
  • Corrected displaying the price of a discounted domain after changing its billing cycle
  • Fixed missing "Domain Registrant Information" field in the "Two Steps" order form - case #1274
  • Solved problem where the "Additional Notes" field might not be displayed for the single product addon orders or domain renewals
  • Resolved problems with displaying properly discounted prices after changing the currency
  • Corrected wrapping of the order completion elements on mobile devices - case #1283
  • Fixed problem that could prevent using owned domains in the order form along with the installed Discount Center For WHMCS module - case #1282
  • Solved issue where the "null" word could be added for provided subdomains - case #1277
  • Domain renewal URL sent from the email template notice will be now properly redirected to the order form - case #1276
  • It will now be possible to use subdomains if the "Shown Domain TLDs Dropdown" option is enabled
  • Added missing CVV/CVC2 field for the Converge payment gateway - case #1270
  • Fixed issue where an invalid price could be displayed for a free domain to transfer - case #1298
  • Solved issues where optional domain fields could be displayed as required
  • Fixed problem with the order completion if the credit card payment method was used along with credits from the balance - case #1290
  • Added missing "quantity included" information when displaying the metrics billing pricing window
  • Added missing validation for using owned domains
  • Solved validation problem where the "Confirm Password" field was incorrectly marked as invalid after using the "Generate Password" button - case #1295
  • Assorted corrections related to displaying discounted prices from the Discount Center For WHMCS module
  • Eliminated issue with fraud detection wrongly flagging orders as potential risks
  • Additional pricing fixes related to switching between currencies
  • Certain code adjustments related to searching and configuring the domains and subdomains
  • Users with no order permission will be now correctly marked in the order form
  • Various adjustments related to displaying currencies in their proper format
  • Domain registration will be now possible if the price for the "One Year" billing cycle was not set
  • Fixed case where hidden configurable options could be still shown in the order form - case #1301
  • Validation will no longer prevent the use of plus ("+") in the email address - case #1268
  • Solved problem with invalid character encoding cutting off the text in "Additional Notes" - case #1258
  • Added missing translation entries into the language file - case #1158
  • Resolved issue with missing contacts when choosing the alternative domain registrant - case #1237
  • Many other code refactoring and corrections along with language and UI adjustments