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Log Update Item SMS Center For WHMCS
This page only show history update item SMS Center For WHMCS.
v3.8.0Released: Feb 9th, 2021
  • WHMCS V8.1 and "Twenty-One" theme support
  • SMS Broadcast gateway support - case #672
  • Unifonic NextGen gateway support - case #678
  • CommzGate Cloud SMS gateway support - case #679
  • EBulkSMS gateway support - case #680
  • Yamamah gateway support - case #683
  • Added possibility to use API key for Trio Mobile gateway configuration instead of using username and password - case #681
  • Eliminated "Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined (...)" error that occurred in a browser's developer console when listing the gateways - case #673
  • Fixed: "Cannot read property 'split' of undefined (...)" error which might appear when opening the client's SMS history if the administrator did not have enough permissions - case #677
  • Corrected typo that caused invalid redirection to the client's summary page - case #682
Product Added to the system.