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Log Update Item OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS
This page only show history update item OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS.
  • WHMCS V8.8 and V8.9 support
  • Implemented language overrides support, enabling the utilization of customized translations
  • Optimized API queries to improve the speed of loading product details in the admin area - case #455
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.3 version
  • Resolved issue where the password might not have been set properly after the server rebuild - case #450
  • Eliminated "Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given" error that could occur when running a cron job on PHP 8.1 - case #456, #460
  • The "Unexpected API Error" will no longer occur in the client area when a virtual machine is shut down, and console access is enabled - case #459
  • Fixed case where the module could auto-generate a server hostname that already exists - case #471
  • Solved problem where the network interface might not have been set properly after the server rebuild - case #451
  • Resolved problems related to resizing the default volume after performing a change package action - case #475
  • Eliminated number of entries generated into the "tblerrorlog" database table - case #488
  • Other minor code corrections


Released: Dec 14th, 2022
  • WHMCS V8.6 support
  • Support for PHP 8.1 version
  • Support for OpenStack "Zed" release
  • "Availability Zone" setting can now be set as the configurable option - case #400
  • Run scheduled tasks manually, directly from the admin area
  • Access RDP, Serial, SPICE or VNC "Console" directly from the admin area - case #397
  • Manage "Rebuild Virtual Machine", "Firewall" and "Backups" directly from the admin area - case #397
  • Select which of the admin area features for instance management will be visible for your staff - case #397
  • After the instance creation its user data credentials will now be insterted in the WHMCS username and password fields - case #392
  • Volume-related options will be now hidden from the module settings if the "Volume" setting was set to the "Don't use" upon server configuration
  • Service actions and management buttons will be now disabled from the client use when the server is being rebuilt - case #417
  • Optimized a large number of Gnocchi queries used for Advanced Billing For WHMCS integration
  • Requires ionCube Loader V12 or later
  • Support for WHMCS V8.2 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.2 version
  • Eliminated "500 error" that might have shown up when trying to obtain the backups list in the client area - case #419
  • Terminating the instance should now delete its all custom flavors properly
  • Added missing language entry to notify about the private key being downloaded
  • Resolved assorted issues with rebuilding instances when using the "Upgrade/Downgrade" or the "Change Package" functionality - case #413
  • Additional fixes aiming to eliminate the problem of looping the "Setting VM Details" task due to an already existing security group rule - case #409
  • Fixed missing counter for snapshot files limit
  • Other minor code corrections, language, and UI adjustments
v2.0.2Released: Jun 9th, 2021
  • WHMCS V8.2 support
  • Added notification for errors that occur when obtaining endpoints from the server - case #284
  • Fixed problem that might have resulted in the lack of images to rebuild in the client area if the VM's region was different - case #268
  • Eliminated "Invalid value for port customPort" and "Security group rule protocol UDP not supported" errors that might have appeared when adding certain firewall rules - case #275
  • Resolved problem with disabling the "Scheduled Backups" functionality - case #281
  • Backups minimal time interval settings will be now properly taken into account - case #282
  • Corrected task for scheduled backups that could perform only 100 times before it permanently stops - case #287
  • Other minor code corrections