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Log Update Item Lagom WHMCS Website Builder
This page only show history update item Lagom WHMCS Website Builder.
  • NEW Lazy Loading - Introduced a new script that delays the loading of graphics located below the browser's viewport. This enhancement is designed to boost the loading speed of CMS pages.
  • Improvements Enhanced the loading time for fonts during the initial website visit.
  • FIX Resolved the problem with background position in Firefox browser, for Type 3 of the Banner Default and Graphic section - Case #647.
  • FIX Resolved problem with loading of demo data during first product installation, where menu items were imported incorrectly in some cases. - case #660.
  • FIX Resolved the problem where buttons were unresponsive in Type 1 of the Product Group section - Case #664.
  • FIX Other minor appearance fixes.
Product Added to the system.