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Log Update Item Lagom WHMCS theme + All Lagom extension
This page only show history update item Lagom WHMCS theme + All Lagom extension.

Version 2.1.2

Released 6th of November 2022

Compatible with WHMCS 8.6.x

Client Area
  • NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.6.x.
  • NEW Support for PHP 8.1.
  • NEW New setting for “Invoice List” page - Option to show “Manage” and “Download” button in invoices table.
  • NEW New setting for “Homepage” page - Option to disasble autoplay for “Testimonials” section in “Modern” template.
  • NEW New setting for “Dashboard” page - Option to display buttons in place of icons in Dashboard notification alerts.
  • NEW New setting for “Announcements” page - Option to display images for specific article, in the article list page.
  • NEW Gravatar Placeholder - Ability to choose different gravatar placeholders.
  • NEW Show Status Icon - Display custom designed icons next to the status labels in Services, Domains, Invoices, Tickets, Quotes table pages.
  • NEW Use Custom Font Face - Ability disbable Google Fonts, and load your own font from your server.
  • NEW Menu Child Item Description - Add description to the dropdown menu items.
  • NEW Added integration codes for Product Free Trial Manager module.
  • Improvement Re-developed function to calculate lowest prices for the product groups in “Modern” Homepage template.
  • Improvement HTML “lang” tag will now change its value based on selected language - case #587.
  • Improvement Banner slides with MarketConnect product will not change, when slider is not visible on the browser screen - case #530.
  • Improvement SEO “title” and “description” metatags for Knowledgebase, Announcements and Product pages is now automatically generated for every page, based on WHMCS settings - case #584.
  • Improvement Further RTL styling improvements.
  • FIX Resolved issue with calculation of amount of days till product expiration date in Dashboard services list panel.
  • FIX Resolved problem with login to cPanel buttons in Dashboard services list - case #531.
  • FIX Responsive view imporovements for the product upgrade page - case #527.
  • FIX Fixed issue with child menu items for “Products” category, which was displaying icons even if “Text Only” option was selected - case #548.
  • FIX Resolved issue with “Free Value in Product Boxes”, when different price format has been selected in WHMCS settings - case #573, #524.
  • FIX Solved issue with Invoice PDF generation when “Display bank transfer details on the invoice” option was selected - case #546.
  • FIX Other minor appearance fixes.
Order Process

Version 2.1.1

Released 10th of June 2022

Compatible with WHMCS 8.5.0

Client Area
Order Process
  • NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.5.0.
  • Improvement Display of prorata prices in the view cart table.
  • FIX Minor appearance fixes reported by our customers.

Lagom Version 2.1.0

Client Area
Order Process
  • Improvement EPP code on Domain Transfer page is now shown only for domain TLDs which require EPP code.
  • Improvement EPP code on Domain Transfer page is now shown as modal.
  • FIX Minor appearance fixes reported by our customers.

Update new version lagom addons :

1. changelog.html

39603-16-2022 22:51
2. Lagom Email Template v1.1.0.zip210,12603-14-2022 13:22
3. Lagom Promotion Manager v1.2.1.zip826,58003-03-2022 18:35
4. Module Integration - cPanel Extended by ModulesGarden v2.0.1.zip13,11103-16-2022 22:32
5. Module Integration - DigitalOcean Droplets by ModulesGarden.zip4,35803-16-2022 22:33
6. Module Integration - DirectAdmin Extended by ModulesGarden v2.0.1.zip12,89103-16-2022 22:34
7. Module Integration - DNS Manager by ModulesGarden 2.0.0.zip25,31103-16-2022 22:49
8. Module Integration - Hetzner VPS by ModulesGarden 1.0.1.zip11,84603-16-2022 22:35
9. Module Integration - Plesk Extended by ModulesGarden v2.0.2.zip11,70303-16-2022 22:35
10. Module Integration - Project Manager v2.0.0.zip6,24103-16-2022 22:36
11. Module Integration - Proxmox VPS for WHMCS by ModulesGarden 2.0.1.zip12,27103-16-2022 22:36
12. Module Integration - Resellers Center by ModulesGarden v2.0.1.zip13,50303-16-2022 22:48
13. Module Integration - SMS Center by ModulesGarden v1.0.0.zip11,50203-16-2022 22:36
14. Module Integration - Unban Center by ModulesGarden v1.0.0.zip10,98103-16-2022 22:36
15. Module Integration - Vultr VPS by ModulesGarden v1.0.0.zip11,47703-16-2022 22:36
16. Module Integration - WordPress Manager by ModulesGarden v2.0.1.zip14,02903-16-2022 22:37
17. Module Integration -Domain Reseller by ModulesGarden v1.0.0.zip11,09403-16-2022 22:34

Update Promocion Manager Version 1.2.1 : 

  • NEW Possibility to set text color for promotion content.
  • Improvement Improved compatibility with “Modern” style.
  • FIX Error during creation of new promotion slide.
  • Update Lagom WHMCS theme 2.0.2 NULLED
  • Client Area
    • NEW Compatibility with WHMCS 8.4.x.
    • NEW Possibility to hide “Sidebar” for “Invoices” page.
    • FIX Issues with product management page, for default WHMCS “Plesk” module.
    • FIX Issues with product management page, for “OX APP Suite” MarketConnect products.
    • FIX Not working modal for “PayPal Subscription” paments in “View Invoice” page.
    • FIX Other minor appearance fixes reported by our customers.
    Order Process
    • FIX No error message, when trying to search non registered domain on “Domain Transfer” page.
    • FIX Not visible “Notes” field on “View Cart” page.
    • FIX Other minor appearance fixes reported by our customers.
    • Fix Issue with quotes sign replaced to unicode, when used in “Custom CSS” functionality in “Style Manager”.