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Log Update Item DNS Manager For WHMCS
This page only show history update item DNS Manager For WHMCS.


Released: Apr 13th, 2023
  • Support for creating slave zones that automatically synchronize with remote DNS master servers via the AXFR protocol - case #381
  • Added support for the "DS" record type of the Simple DNS Plus V8 server - case #352
  • Uppercase letters used in DNS zone names will be now automatically converted to lowercase
  • Fixed problem with displaying the IP address field on the Add DNS Zone form when that is not required by the server - case #408
  • Resolved fatal error when the assigned to the hosting IP addresses were separated with a comma instead of the newline character in the database - case #391
  • Added missing text in the error notice which appears when the created SRV record type does not pass the validation - case #389
  • Resolved "Unable to parse response" error that appeared when trying to create the TXT record type of the DNS Made Easy server - case #390
  • Prevented "TypeError: in_array(): Argument #2 ($haystack) must be of type array" error that could occur when trying to edit packages via the V2 addon module - case #397
  • Fixed conflict that could cause the cron job of the Domain Orders Extended for WHMCS module to break when using PHP 8.1 - case #400
  • Adjusted validation of the allowed record types that could prevent the package data migration, specifically servers and records, from the V2 addon module - case #403
  • Corrected validation of the "Serial" field that can now be omitted when adding the SOA record type - case #406
  • Other code corrections, language and UI adjustments
  • WHMCS V8.7 support
  • Added characters validation during the DNS zone names creation - case #196
  • Support for WHMCS V8.3 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.3 version
  • Resolved various compatibility issues with PHP 8.1 - case #353, #351
  • Eliminated array errors that could occur when trying to create a new DNS zone - case #337
  • TTL, NS, and SOA record values will now be correctly set with the PowerDNS server - case #343, #385
  • Fixed task issue that could cause problems with updating the statuses of zones - case #362
  • Resolved problems with the synchronization of zones that contained IDN domains - case #361
  • "DS" record type should now be supported properly for the Simple DNS Plus V8 server - case #352
  • Domains with uppercase names will now be correctly listed by the module - case #349
  • Eliminated situations when the "Remove Zone" button remained inactive in the client area - case #340
  • Fixed "You cannot use this IP address" error that could occur when adding a zone even if the specified IP address should not be blocked - case #339
  • Eliminated "Unexpected Error" that occurred when the module's "Settings" were not saved after the module initial activation - case #334
  • "Zone Altered Notification" will be now sent properly to clients after creating, updating, or deleting records - case #328
  • Fixed cases when the PowerDNS V4 zones were created without any records defined in the records set in the admin area - case #327
  • The "Manage DNS" button will not disappear after changing the domain nameservers - case #347
  • The AWS Route 53 server zone name will no longer be imported with a dot sign at the end of its name - case #383
  • The "DNS Zone Name" field input will be now displayed if the "Other Item Options" in the addon is configured to allow custom domains - case #346
  • Fixed issue with setting up invalid zone type when the "Allow Update Of Existing Zone" option was enabled - use "linkedZonesFixer" argument for cron command if you were affected by this problem - case #241
  • Other code corrections and improvements


Released: Dec 8th, 2022
  • WHMCS V8.6 support
  • Support for PHP 8.1 version
  • Migrated "Global Settings", "Packages", "Blocked Strings" and "Logs" sections to the new addon module
  • Export the DNS zones to TXT files using the BIND format
  • Display all DNS zones in a single table in the client area by selecting a new look format in the global settings
  • Added numerous examples, tooltips and validators to the create and edit forms of selected DNS record types
  • Use the IP address CIDR to cover many entries at once when managing allowed IP addresses for packages - case #194
  • The records list name will be now displayed when editing the records set
  • The misleading "Restore DNS Zones" has been renamed "Create Zones Backup" - case #177
  • The server test connection result will be displayed in the dedicated modal window
  • Requires ionCube Loader V12 or later
  • Support for WHMCS V8.2 and previous
  • Support for PHP 7.2 version
  • Adjusted counters for the number of DNS records in a given zone
  • Corrected notifications related to validating the DNS records
  • Fixed "Show Product Name" option to properly display the service name without its ID - case #153
  • The "Search" option that did not work in the "Records Table" in the admin area has been fixed
  • Fixed cases when the module allowed to create a zone with an IP address that was outside the allowed IP addresses list
  • Eliminated cases when the client could access the records sets section even if that was restricted
  • Adding the DNS zones from the admin area to the server with disabled status will no longer be possible
  • Nameservers information box will no longer overlap the dropdown menus when using Lagom WHMCS Client Theme
  • Missing pagination has been added to list of DNS records set entries
  • Fixed issue that might have caused problems with changing a large number of record sets in a bulk cron task
  • Many other code corrections, notifications, UI, and language adjustments


Released: Feb 23rd, 2022
  • Stable release
  • Migrated "DNS Zones" section along with "Servers" and "Records Sets" settings to the new addon module
  • Listing DNS records in "Bulk Management" will be now more accessible for users without the regex knowledge
  • "Change Record Set" action in "Bulk Management" will now use the tasks jobs
  • Support for WHMCS V8.0 and previous
  • Fixed problem where domains without hosting in Plesk were not available for migration - case #1132
  • Corrected "CAA" DNS record type support for cPanel server integration - case #1124
  • Adding multiple "MX" DNS records will now work properly with the Google Cloud server integration - case #1134
  • If creating a DNS zone fails, when using DNS Manager API, the response will no longer be false-positive - case #1125
  • Resolved cases of incorrect filtering by allowed and blacklisted IP addresses when trying to add a DNS zone or a record - case #1122
  • Fixed a minor issue of the owner's zone wrongly linked to another user's hosting - case #1137
  • IDNA standard will be now properly encoded in "SOA" DNS records for Bind9 server integration - case #1130
  • Adjusted regex validation for "SRV" DNS record names - case #1126
  • Eliminated problem with updating domain DNS records when using the default "DNS Management" tool along with installed Domains Reseller For WHMCS module - case #1144
  • Zones synchronization will now properly proceed after their import - case #1142
  • Fixed problem with the validation of underscore "_" character used in the name field of the "A" record type in the Bind9 server integration - case #1141
  • Eliminated problem with "Use of undefined constant DNSManager2ClientAreaPrimaryNavbar" error when setting up the master-slave replication in MySQL database - case #1116
  • Assorted other code corrections, as well as language and UI improvements