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WHMCS | Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform - V8.9.0 NULLED

Version: 8.9.0 NULLED

Item cover for download WHMCS | Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform

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WHMCS is the leading web hosting management and billing software that automates all aspects of your business from billing, provisioning, domain reselling, support, and more. WHMCS easily integrates with all the leading control panels, payment processors, domain registrars and cloud service providers.

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02 May 2024 - Version 8.9.0 NULLED
12 Jun 2023 - Version 8.7.2 NULLED


FEATURE-3223 - Visual refinements for 360 Monitoring MarketConnect admin pages
FEATURE-3234 - Improve CSS on 360 Monitoring landing page
FEATURE-3238 - Correct phrasing from "monitors" to "websites" in 360 Monitor plan descriptions


CORE-13323 - Correct display of domain expiry date format in domain sync report and My Domains page
CORE-17826 - Correct inspection of premium domains from Enom availability results
CORE-18297 - Improve handling of punycode domains that use RTL languages
CORE-18390 - Correct storage of host field for Google OAuth2
Also known as: CORE-18352
CORE-18413 - Ensure ticket status in the admin area uses the admin language
CORE-18429 - Improve admin login autofill hint for Safari
CORE-18458 - Prevent erroneous CSRF block when creating billable items
CORE-18496 - Improve PHP Compatibility Scan with a large number of files
CORE-18511 - Ensure Test Connection works on simple server configuration page when using hostname starting with numeral
CORE-18533 - Improve price display in 360 Monitoring landing page
CORE-18539 - Prevent update error related to missing addon records
CORE-18540 - Update WHOIS listing for .yt
CORE-18542 - Minor style and UI tweaks for 360 Monitoring landing page
CORE-18543 - Remove obsolete template files related to licensing provisioning module if present
CORE-18548 - Improve robustness of early runtime error management
CORE-18550 - Correct reference link in activity log entries about client notes
CORE-18553 - Ensure Subscription ID is recorded when saving New Addon for service
CORE-18556 - Correct application of currency selection from footer
CORE-18559 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when saving General Settings without affiliate related field values
CORE-18560 - Restore missing 360 Monitoring translation key "tagLine"
CORE-18562 - Correct erroneous hard block of currency deletion
CORE-18569 - Add missing Manage Emails language string
CORE-18570 - Improve visibility of CC recipients when opening new ticket from Admin Area with Chrome on Windows
CORE-18573 - Prevent fatal viewing SSL certificate in Admin Area
CORE-18576 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when restricting SSO permissions for a server
CORE-18592 - Allow quote quantities to accept a decimal value
CORE-18595 - Correct translation keys for billing cycle names on NordVPN landing page


MODULE-7454 - Improve robustness and logging of PayPal Checkout based subscriptions
MODULE-7744 - Prevent error when sending only plain-text emails with SendGrid
MODULE-7761 - Improve log entries during the migration of expired cards to Stripe
MODULE-7796 - Improve handling of domains in unknown status with eNom and GoDaddy
MODULE-7822 - Correct usage of System URL for 3DS notification URL in Sagepay Repeats
MODULE-7826 - Prevent erroneous error with polling empty servers for stats with Plesk
MODULE-7827 - Prevent fatal error on configgateways.php where Gocardless API is unreachable
MODULE-7906 - Ensure .eu domains do not force a client company name to be set with OpenSRS
MODULE-7918 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when configuring SSL certificate with Enom SSL
Also known as: CORE-18443
MODULE-7921 - Correction for PHP 8.1 compatibility in legacy Linkpoint
MODULE-7934 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when collecting usage from DirectAdmin
MODULE-7935 - Reset client cart workflow following fraud failure with Stripe
MODULE-7937 - Improve transaction detail parsing for custom accounts with Stripe
MODULE-7938 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when saving DNS changes in client area with ResellerClub
MODULE-7939 - Improve PHP 8.1 compatibility for 101 Domain
MODULE-7941 - Improve PHP 8.1 compatibility for 2Checkout
MODULE-7943 - Update X-AU-DOMAIN-RELATIONTYPE .au Additional Domain Fields for CentralNIC

08 Dec 2022 - Version 8.6.1 NULLED


CORE-17036 - Correct record of payment for non-decimal currency to prevent fractional credit
CORE-18211 - Correct client area action 'Change Approver Email' for addon SSL certificates
CORE-18254 - Prevent error during configuration of Google SMTP provider
CORE-18259 - Correct display values when switching between legacy and OAuth methods for department mail configuration
CORE-18262 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when Suspend Days is not defined
CORE-18266 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 for invoices generated with 100% discount
CORE-18268 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when performing a server sync
CORE-18271 - Improve system charset enforcement for Microsoft mail
CORE-18274 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when status is set to Paid for invoices with deleted services
CORE-18276 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when recalculating price with 100% promo code
CORE-18277 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when initiating a domain transfer
CORE-18278 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 with saving calendar event
CORE-18279 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when updating exchange rates against a base currency not in ECB feed
CORE-18281 - Ensure correct language URLs are used with basic URLs and Six theme
CORE-18285 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when saving a Lookup Provider with no TLDs selected for suggestion
CORE-18286 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 on ticket observer requests
CORE-18288 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when adding a transaction with an outgoing amount and no invoice ID
CORE-18289 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when initiating an email campaign that includes the general BCC address
CORE-18298 - Restore deactivation UI for payment gateways in the event of missing module files
CORE-18302 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when moving services between client accounts
CORE-18304 - Redacted


CORE-18272 - Prevent error when receiving unknown error message from domain info or transfer requests with ResellerClub
MODULE-7865 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when capturing payment with SecurePayAU
MODULE-7869 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 for usage update with VirtualMin
MODULE-7870 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 for email forwarding actions with Namecheap
MODULE-7871 - Prevent error in PHP 8.1 when changing weight of MarketConnect addon products

28 Nov 2022 - Version 8.6.0 NULLED
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