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ThemeMetro - Croster WHMCS CMS Theme - V2.0.12 NULLED

Version: 2.0.12 NULLED

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No limit site and no limit time to use theme.

Croster! The Future of WHMCS Themes

Stop using pre-made WHMCS Themes, Build your own.

General Features

Single Page Checkout

Allow your customers to purchase on a single page with faster checkout experience without interruption.

Multiple Language

Create pages and menu items easily in multiple language. Design unique page for each language while can keep same URL.

Multiple Currency

Sell your plans/packages in multiple currency, Users can select currency like language for entire website.

Promotion Banner

Create an offers and set live timer. You can easily control the timer from the admin section and can customize layout and colors.

Cookie Consent

Inbuilt Cookie Consent banner which can enable by single click and can easily customize the layout and colors.

Live Color Schemes Builder

Why use same color scheme, Build your own unique color scheme by using live color scheme builder.

Multiple Colors & Layouts

Design your own layout with different color schemes for header, footer, navigation bars, sections and pricing tables.

Mega Menu Manager

Multi language advance menu manager for primary and footer navigations with custom css and icon option.

Disqus Comments

Enable/disable Disqus comments easily in announcement and knowledgebase pages.

Support Hours Widget

Support hours widget in sidebar fully manageable from Croster Panel. Inform your users about your support hours and weekends.

Country Based Payment Gateways

In sigle page checkout order form choose the payment gateways with respect to your country & also possible to set minimum and maximum amount for gateway.

Webmaster Tools

Add verification code easily for most of popular search engines from Croster Panel.

Sitemap Wizard

Generate sitemap for search engines easily from Croster Panel.

Google Schema

Google Rich Snippets for more powerful SEO.

Page Manager Features

Fully equipped Page Manager

Fully equipped & modern page manager like WordPress Gutenberg. Simply select the section and configure it, move any section up and down in page, you can create new page or duplicate any existing page easily and publish/unpublish anytime.

SEO Ready Pages

Inbuilt SEO option in page manager like page Title, Meta Keyword(s), Meta Description, Robots, OG title, OG Description, OG Type and OG Image.

Dynamic Products & Pricing

Just select the plans, group or tld in section, and let the theme auto collect rest of the things like whmcs order form description and pricing automatically from whmcs products. which means now you do not need to manage pricing, description etc twice. For example, if you ever need to change the price of any products or tlds, just change them in WHMCS products/services and domain pricing. The Croster will auto collect everything from there.

Customizable Sections

Each section has its own inline configuration like in Slider section it has 2 types of sliders and same kind of multiple option availabe in Domain Search, FAQs, Testimonial, Pricing tables, Simple header, Features listing, call to action and Text editor. More sections to be added in upcoming updates.

Dynamic Announcement

You just need to select the announcement section in page manager and set how many latest announcements want to show in the section and can show in any of page.

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This list only shows little history changelog. See the full changelog of this item --> FULL CHANGELOG.
10 May 2024 - Version 2.0.12 NULLED

Have a look at all the features, improvements and bugs fixed in Croster 2.0.12.

  • Fully supported **WHMCS 8.10.x**
  • Fixed: Error on ticket feedback page when ticket selected any services.

Single Page Checkout

  • Added: On Demand addon renewal is supported.
  • Fixed: Error When new PayPal modules are enabled.
  • Fixed: Pre-Loader issue when checkout finished.
  • Fixed: In Domain renewal, product addons and On demand renewal stripe gateway payment capture issue.
10 May 2024 - Version 2.0.11 NULLED

Have a look at all the features, improvements and bugs fixed in Croster 2.0.11

  • Fully supported **WHMCS 8.9.x**
  • Added: SEO Friendly URLs option in Page Manager pages.
  • Fixed: Client area Dashboard titles clickable issue.
  • Fixed: Product Group section calculating pricing of hidden and out-of-stock products.
  • Fixed: Product Group section showing wrong monthly even lowest product billing cycle is one time.
  • Fixed: Image Gallery section alt tag issue.
  • Fixed: Page sections if item listings are more than 20.
  • Fixed: Display issue in cart product recommendation when dark mode is enabled.
  • Fixed: MarketConnect menu items can not hide from the default menu, Now this can be disabled from MarketConnect service settings by disabling the Landing Page Link option.

 Single Page Checkout

  • Fixed: Product custom field issue when it is dropdown.
  • Fixed: if domain search has a dot by mistake it creates error 500.
  • Fixed: In Own domain if by mistake hit enter it's getting error 500.
  • Fixed: When entering wrong information for already registered users it does not show any error.
  • Fixed: When a subdomain is added it does not show any success message.
  • Fixed: When users revisit the order page Or change currency/language getting error 500.
  • Fixed: In Stripe Payment gateway or some custom gateway loader is not showing in order process time.
07 Oct 2023 - Version 2.0.10 NULLED
Have a look at all the features, improvements and bug fixed in Croster 2.0.10
  • Fully supported WHMCS 8.8.x
  • Fixed: Mega Menu minor issues in the Croster Panel.
  • Fixed: Support Ticket Widget Online and Offline text translation issue.
  • Improved: Media Library functionality.

Single Page Checkout

  • Fixed: Product custom filed issue when it's dropdown.
16 May 2023 - Version 2.0.8 NULLED

fixed license issue !

04 May 2023 - Version 2.0.8 NULLED
Product Added to the system.
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