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Log Update Item WHMCS
This page only show history update item WHMCS.
02 May 2024 - Download WHMCS - Version 8.9.0 NULLED
09 Aug 2022 - Download WHMCS - Version 8.5.1 NULLED


CORE-17759 - Correct convertto processing for Mollie iDeal
CORE-17760 - Restore Digicert icon lost when upgrading to 8.5.0-release.1
CORE-17762 - Correct styling overlap and offset of My Services homepage panel
CORE-17767 - Correct language key reference for Weebly
CORE-17769 - Update WHOIS server for .org and .ink
CORE-17770 - Prevent error when using 100% discount on registration checkout with Stripe
CORE-17774 - Prevent erroneous SSL addon listings on Manage SSL Certificate page


MODULE-7694 - Prevent fatal error during meta data retrieval from Plesk

21 Mar 2022 - Download WHMCS - Version 8.4.1 NULLED

WHMCS Version 8.4.1 Released


ADDON-6138 - Remove executed mailchimp queue jobs
CORE-17061 - Correct display format of product addon custom fields
CORE-17090 - Ensure best handling of mixed case of transfer form domain entries
CORE-17100 - Generate product slug when duplicating a product
Also known as: CORE-17119
CORE-17150 - Prevent erroneous "Service Not Found" during domain ownership transfer
CORE-17273 - Correct percentage promo code display format on Admin Area Orders page
CORE-17312 - Prevent error when processing the email verification of a new user
CORE-17317 - Ensure proper form submission for Google Sign-In configuration
CORE-17383 - Correct addon service recurring calculation on non-monthly cycle
CORE-17391 - Correct OAuth redirect proto validation
CORE-17400 - Ensure correct entity is used when retrying in module queue
CORE-17420 - Ensure product bundle configuration step is performed when an addon or custom field is defined
CORE-17437 - Prevent declaration error related to Menu items
Also known as: CORE-17436
CORE-17442 - Process Stripe fees only for known currencies
CORE-17456 - Ensure ticket reply from unknown email can be imported when Insecure Import is enabled
CORE-17467 - Correct link to user on "Pay Method Created" activity log entry
CORE-17474 - Improve robustness of user migration for mixed collation environments
CORE-17475 - Correct user link in admin dashboard activity widget


MODULE-7458 - Prevent erroneous failures from SagePay 3DS duplicate callbacks
MODULE-7717 - Prevent error when provisioning free feature addon
MODULE-7738 - Remove SagePay Tokens v1 from distribution
MODULE-7739 - Implement 3DS v2 support for SagePay Repeats
MODULE-7740 - Introduce SagePay Tokens v2 Module
MODULE-7743 - Correct blank page on 3DS in SagePay
MODULE-7745 - Remove trailing space on fr TLD additional domain field


CORE-17191 - Honor client group pricing for domain orders via AddOrder

11 Jan 2022 - Download WHMCS - Version 8.3.2 NULLED


CORE-17239 - Check for deleted affiliates during Process Credit Card Charges task
CORE-17294 - Prevent incorrect deletion of pending affiliate commissions on upgrade
CORE-17299 - Ensure that the Client-Side Top Bar displays whilst visiting affiliates.php

03 Nov 2021 - Download WHMCS - Version 8.3.1 NULLED