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Log Update Item Abandoned Cart For WHMCS
This page only show history update item Abandoned Cart For WHMCS.
  • Support for WHMCS V8.7 and previous
  • Eliminated "Undefined constant" error that might occur after module installation - case #140
  • Added missing translation entries for the "Skip" and "Cancel" buttons in the language file - case #141
  • WHMCS V8.8 support
  • Allow clients to save their shopping cart sessions for future use and share them with other customers to instantly restore their contents
  • Send email template reminders to selected clients directly from the shopping carts list
  • Implemented language overrides support, enabling the utilization of customized translations
  • Domain addons will now be included in shopping cart snapshots
  • Added details regarding the payment status and the update date to the list of shopping carts
  • The shopping cart ID and client name will now be displayed in breadcrumbs when viewing the item snapshot
  • Support for WHMCS V8.5 and previous
  • Eliminated "TypeError" that could occur when performing the module's cron job - case #110
  • Solved problem where direct shopping cart URLs might not work properly if the "Require Email Address" option was enabled - case #111
  • Other minor code corrections and UI adjustments

  • The saved cart sessions will now also include data on the selected configurable options, product custom fields and additional domain fields
  • Eliminated "Attempt to assign property 'order_id' on null (...)" error that could occur when trying to upgrade the product - case #90
Released: Apr 5th, 2023
New Feature
  • A shopping cart view can be retrieved via a session URL, which may be included in email reminders to allow easy access, sharing and restoration of abandoned cart contents on any device
  • Clients can opt out of the reminders sent by the module by using the unsubscribe link in email messages
  • Guest clients can be given the option to decide if they want to provide their emails or not, instead of being forced to do so before continuing the order - case #81
  • Limited support for Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS module 
  • The shopping cart snapshots will now inform about the number of items of multiple-quantity type
  • Data on domain renewal actions will be logged in shopping cart snapshots
  • Shopping cart snapshots will include information about domains added with products that require them
  • The log entries will now contain clickable cart ID numbers that will lead to a relevant snapshot
  • The reminders sent to clients will be logged to include information on which client or email address they were sent to
  • The domain transfer and registration actions will now be logged separately in the shopping cart snapshot
  • Each graph on the dashboard will have a different color instead of all of them being grey

Bug Fix
  • Eliminated issue that could cause problems with loading the snapshot details list - case #83
  • Corrected redirection process after a client provides their email address to continue their order - case #84
  • Minor code corrections, language, and UI adjustments
Product Added to the system.